Weber State University presents Wit by Margaret Edson

Weber State University presents Wit by Margaret Edson

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Experiment.

Sally Shigley and Dr. Lauren Fowler are conducting an experiment about Empathy and are using Wit. I contacted them to learn more about the study to inform the audience and the readers of the blog.

Shigley wrote: "Dr. Fowler and I met two years ago to talk about the relationship between empathy and literature.  We were specifically interested in whether or not reading literature affected the way pre medical students and pre health professional students in general viewed the caregiver/patient relationship.  We used both self report and physiological measures to determine whether their perceptions of empathy matched their bodies' response.  We are continuing our research by looking at data from practicing physicians and comparing the reactions of people seeing a live show to those of people watching the movie adaptation or reading the play."

Dr. Fowler didn't want to give too much away about their research in case anyone participating were to read the blog, she didn't want it to affect the data. Dr. Fowler did want me to mention that they are currently seeking doctors, nurses, and physician assistants to participate in the study. If people participate, they will purchase their ticket to the show, and then their name is also entered in a drawing for an ipad mini (about a 1 in 15 chance of getting one!).  If you can and would like to participate in this study contact Dr. Lauren Fowler at and she can get you set up with tickets, etc.

I want to thank both Sally Shigley and Lauren Fowler for getting back to me about their study. Fowler also remarked that after their study was done she would share more information about their research and findings. Their study ends on November 13th, keep your eyes peeled!

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